Model Show Window To Raising Kulo And Riri Chrysantenum Flower Based Information Technology As Tourism Destinations In City Of Tomohon

Olga Engelin Melo, Tirone I. Tanod, Robby R.S. Tangkudung


We have done a preliminary study by observation in the town of Tomohon. Currently, the government Tomohon while test-planting, to get the flowers that have export standard in Show Window, Village Kakaskasen II, North Tomohon sub district. Show Window is intended for flower growers in any activities associated with flowers. Development show window of two hectares was built in 2013 and 1.5 hectares will be built in 2015 out of a total of 5 hectares of land which is programmed Tomohon City Government. Show window was built as a showcase that Tomohon as the Flower City and will be the nursery site, learning, cultivation, flower production deployment, as well as used as a tourist spot.


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