Virtual Laboratory with Web3D and Moodle

Maksy Sendiang, Anritsu Polii, Yoice Putung


In the world of education, lab activity conducted in the laboratory into one of academic activities aimed at students closer to the real world of work. It is recognized that building a laboratory infrastructure requires substantial resources and access of it was limited by place and time. Information technology can be used to build a virtual laboratory with flexible access. This poster presents the research for building a virtual laboratory using Web3D technology and Moodle. Web3D refers to technology used for creation of interactive 3D graphics and animations, especially for use on the internet. Web3D uses Virtual reality Modelling Language (VRML) – also known as Virtual Reality Mark-up Language to publish 3D objects with animations and interactivity over the web. The combination of multimedia and virtual reality that characterizes the WEB3D project will ultimately provide a user-friendly interface to encourage distance learning [4].


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