Level and Temperature Control

  • Alfrets Septy Wauran Electrical Engineering, Manado State Polytechnic, INDONESIA
  • Marike Kondoj Electrical Engineering, Manado State Polytechnic, INDONESIA
  • Fanny Doringin Electrical Engineering, Manado State Polytechnic, INDONESIA


There are some variables that are usually controlled in process industry. Two of them are level and temperature. Some variables are easy to model and control because they are linear and simple. But it is quite different in some of them because of non-linearity, complex model and also uncertainty. Level is linear but temperature is non-linear. The interaction of both variables is difficult to model mathematically. Many control approach theory can be applied to solve this problem. It depends on the type of components that is available in the work station. It is interesting to play with a real plant because we don't just play with the equations and model, but we have to apply it to the real plant process.In the Festo Process Control Work Station [1], there are some components and control moduls. But it is only for the components and moduls those are related to temperature and level control. As the software, LabView is already connected to the NI modul as the interface [2]. So it can be programmed directly to computer.
Dec 31, 2016
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