The Design and Implementation of Software Testing Water Quality

Toban Tiku Pairunan, Sulastri Eksan, Yohanis S. Rompon, Ottopianus Mellolo


One of the important human needs is the need for clean water. Clean water is very important because we need it every day for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing and so on. With clean water would make us avoid the disease. Drinking water must be managed using any public health standard that is used to avoid the disease. Water wells in meeting the needs of society should pay attention to the health standard set by the government. The third standard commonly used is standard parameter Physics, chemistry and microbiology. Measurement of quality parameters of drinking water is one of the key criteria for the business management of drinking water before use by the public. Aims to design and build a software quality testing well water and water quality refillable packaging. Testing of the software is built using data parameter measurement results of physics, chemistry and microbiology and location data sampling area. The software is designed using Microsoft Access as a database and Delphi as a programming language. The software is already built, and then tested using the parameter data of physics, chemistry, and microbiology of water wells and water refill depot that has been filtered through drinking water depot.


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