Development of English For Special Purpose for Engineering Based E-learning

  • Maya Munaiseche Electrical Engineering, Manado State Polytechnic, INDONESIA
  • Christo Pua Faculty of Humanities, University of Sam Ratulangi, INDONESIA
  • Ali Ramschie Electrical Engineering, Manado State Polytechnic, INDONESIA


Developing English for a special purpose (ESP) for Engineering Department (Study of Computer, Electrical, and Informatics) with implementation in particular in the field of English language teaching technique is based on e-learning. The English language module development to prepare students of Engineering for entry into the industrialized world, we need a media that allows one to make the process of learning English with flexible hours. In other words, the learning process can be done anytime and anywhere. Therefore, to use the website as a medium of learning for a website Internet applications that can be accessed anywhere . Aspects of the attractiveness of this can be done by implementing e-learning English language learners is based on a needs analysis. By applying the concept of e-Learning, the learning process can be carried out effectively because the teacher can monitor all learners. In addition, the interactive process and delivery of content can be done through the media website. This website is created with the objective of helping the learning process in the effort of understanding the English language. Darin E. Hartley says: e-learning is a type of learning that allows teaching materials to students using the Internet, Intranet or other computer network media. Because the ESP study conducted in the Engineering department, students who incidentally is not a language class, then the tape facilities, TV, stereo, cassette and others are not available. According to Haryono “no facilitation results in lower portions of even the loss of language skills in the teaching and learning process ESP”. Hutchinson and Waters (1994) say : that ESP is an approach to teaching English in which things are taught and their teaching methods are based on the reasons why the learner wants to learn English.
Dec 31, 2016
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