A Collage Image Creation & “Kansei” Analysis System By Combining Multiple Images

Anju Kawamoto, Yasuhiro Hayashi, Izumi Fuse, Yasushi Kiyoki


The collage is an artistic method to create a new image by combining multiple images under some rules or conditions. Purpose of the collage creation is to understand “Kansei” of human by combining process of the images as graphic materials to create and a combined image. The concept of “Kansei” includes several meanings on sensitive recognition, such as human senses, feelings, sensitivity and psychological reactions. The collage has been already used in various fields. In the real world, it is applied to the artistic expression and the psychoanalysis [1, 2]. The collage has been also utilized in the information retrieval research field [3]. Query-by-multiple-image is one of methods to retrieve images suited to a retriever's intentions [4]. In this method, the retriever combines images his/her own have and creates an image-query for searching image data by the image. The retrieval method can create the image-query easily in comparison with the drawing method. Our goal is to realize a mechanism to interpret “Kansei” by the combination process of the material images and a formed collage image on computers.  In this research, we propose a new system to analyze the collage work by using a database stored to collage information. We evaluated collage works which a user made by using this system. And also, we clarified how to combine image-materials to make the collage having specific impression.


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