• Krestian Gigir
  • Mita Takaendengan
  • Margaretha Warokka


Abstract: A Guest Perception of the hotel. The South Minahasa Regency development has
affected the hotel industry. Many events and tourism promotion makes this region began to be
visited by guests. Hotel industry is competing to sell his product to prospective guests. Therefore
a perception greatly affects the guests to decide to stay at a hotel.Perception is one response to
an experience that happened to an object and events with the help of his sense. Guest is the one
who come to the hotel either stay or not to stay in a temporary time. Hotel industry is the tourism
industry which provides accommodation facilities as well as foods and beverages, hospitality
to guest and commerciality run.The analysis used in this research is a qualitative analysis,
support by data that is both quantitative, by using analysis of likert, as well as the criteria for
the interpretation of scores.The result is of a general perception are Hotel Sutanraja Amurang
excellent facilities with a percentage of 95 %, and in terms of services is quite with a percentage
of 60 %. Shiera Villa & Restoran Amurang with quite enough with the percentage of 49 %, and
service to the guests is quite well with percentage of 78 %. For Hotel Prince Amurang facilities
as less well with percentage of 33 %, and services are classified as less well with the percentage
of 27 %.The result suggested the hotel industry in South Minahasa Regency, that need to improve
the facilities in accordance with the type of hotel, improvement of human resource, and improving
the quality of service to guests at the hotel.

Jul 1, 2016
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